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Unity Womens College Department of English

At KAHM Unity Women’s College, the Department of English regularly serves 120 undergraduate majors and 40 Post-graduate majors. The 10 members of the Department of English, themselves recognized by a combination of excellence and professional drive, foster the accomplishments of our graduate and undergraduate students through their distinctive interests and student-centered, learning-focused teaching. The largest department in the College, the Department of English contributes in essential ways to students’ personal growth, knowledge, and critical thinking abilities. We are committed to innovative teaching, scholarship, and service that promote cultural awareness, diversity, and ethical responsibility through the study of literature and language. Our graduates have had great success in various areas. The English Department’s graduates go on to successful careers at all levels, in education, research, professional writing and editing, publishing, business, journalism and business. With its strong emphasis on developing students’ strengths as creative / critical thinkers with a strong foundation in the humanities, the English major prepares students for careers in the wide range of fields that value these skills.


We envision a community equipped with critical thinking, informed choices and successful communication.


To foster intellectual curiosity, creative activity, and emotional maturity through the study and production of literature and language, to cultivate students’ ability to study and engage with the complex cultures in which they live and to prepare the students for diverse futures.