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Unity Womens College Department of English

  • Intercollegiate Extempore Public Speaking Competition

    Extempore Public Speaking Contest were held on 10th of March at KAHM Unity Women’s, College, Manjeri. Cash prizes of Rs. 5000/-, 2000/- and 1000/- were  won by Rabeeha Abdurahim, Farook College, Twinkle C. Raju,  KAHM Unity Women’s College and...

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  • UniVerse


    Poetry always had fewer takers. In the flood of fiction and stories often the genre has been pushed aside. Though Poetry is an important component of the programmes of study, there is a dearth of interest in this branch...

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  • Impex Unity Shakespeare Festival

    Impex Unity Shakespeare Festival was held at K.A.H.M. Unity Women’s College, Manjeri on the 6th and 7th of 2015 to commemorate the 450th birth anniversary of the universal bard William Shakespeare. The event witnessed the turn of pages back...

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  • Table Talks

    Department of English, K.A.H.M. Unity Women’s College, Manjeri organized a Table Talk on New Year Wish List on “How Teachers and Teaching should be” on 1st  January 20l4. Two student representatives and a teacher from each department participated in the...

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