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Unity Womens College Department of English

Department of English, K.A.H.M. Unity Women’s College, Manjeri organized a Table Talk on New Year Wish List on “How Teachers and Teaching should be” on 1st  January 20l4. Two student representatives and a teacher from each department participated in the talk. Ms.Shahina Mol A.K, Assistant Professor in English was the moderator. The student representatives expressed their expectations on how a classroom should be in a very positive manner. They said that teachers should cater to the needs of students performing at different levels and not to assess a class by pointing out at a single student. They want teachers to understand the capability of each student and bring out the best in them for each one is unique. They also expect constructive criticism and good teacher- student rapport. Regarding the question of how friendly teachers should be, students had different viewpoints. Many opined that respect towards a teacher comes out of his/her friendliness while some genuinely told that if a teacher is too friendly they would exploit it. The teachers in turn responded that if at all they fail in keeping good personal relationship with students, it’s only because of the busy schedule of the semester system. Most of the teachers expect the participation and involvement of the students in all the activities conducted in the college. They requested the students to consider them as their friends with whom they could share their anxieties. Some were of the opinion that teachers at the college/university level become mere facilitators of learning and students should also perform their roles better by ensuring their active participation in the classroom.