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Unity Womens College Department of English

The one day English Literary Camp ‘Poiesis 14’, organised jointly by Kerala Arts and Literary Association (KALA) and the Postgraduate Department of English Unity Women’s College, Manjeri, was inaugurated by the well known Indian English Writer T. P. Rajeevan at the College today. The Camp was meant to promote the literary writing skills of the young students. 50 students from different parts of the state registered for the programme which was also attended by many more who are interested in literary activities. Later on the day, Mr. Hareendranath, Additional Director, Kerala Judicial Academy, addressed the Camp participants and spoke to them of the great writers and the paths along which they rose to heights. He also urged them to read wide so that it will add to their urge to express on the one hand while providing them quality yardsticks of excellence. Indian English Poet T. Raghuram presided over the inaugural function while Prominent Translator Mr. N. Moosakutty spoke to the audience on the art of translation and the use of language in the hundreds of works he has translated from English to Malayalam which included James Joyce’s Ulysses too. The budding writers presented their works in the Camp which were analysed and promoted by the Camp Faculty which included published poets, academicians and creative writing trainers. The published writers like P. N. Vijayan, Sudheeran Parakottil and G. K. Ram Mohan provided valuable tips to the camp members. The Camp was directed by writer and translator Mr. K. S. Venkitachalam. Dr. Aswathi Soman, A. K. Shahina Mol, A. Krishna Sunder, Athira Nandan, M. K. Vineetha, K. Sangeetha, K. K. Raseena and P. Mohammedali led the Camp discussions. ‘Poiesis’ was made possible by the efforts of the members of KALA Rahman Kidangayam, Devan Namboodhiri, P. C. Balkrishnan, Adv. Ismail and Jayaprakah. K.