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Unity Womens College Department of English

KAHM Unity Women’s College was established in 1991 as the first Degree college of the state, after the bifurcation of degree courses from the colleges. The institution which was set up to provide educational and cultural progress for the region that has been backward in many ways. In the 24 years of its presence, the college has tremendously contributed to altering the educational profile of the district, catalysing the growth and empowerment of women. The Postgraduate Department of English is a frontline division of the college and was part of the college at its founding. Though started as a degree department, it was upgraded into a Postgraduate Department in 2000. The Department is a vibrant environment which promotes learning and culture in a number of ways. The Department strives to empower the student community on the one hand while shouldering itself the responsibility of providing meaningful lead to the academic community around in terms of the issues it takes up and events it coordinates. From Research to Community Outreach, Extension activities to organizing National and international Seminars, Technology integration to Teacher Empowerment, promotion of Literary activities to involvement in Student Capacity Building, the Department has assured that it contributes creatively. Apart from Singularities, the Journal run by the Department, it has a number of features to its rare credit. ‘Tracings’ the new e-journal being launched with ISSN for the postgraduate students, is the first venture of its kind in the country. It has initiated Dissertation Awards for the Best Postgraduate PG English Dissertation of the Kerala State. Each year the department runs a national seminar and an International seminar / conference every two years. The Community Outreach  arm of the department, Kahmunity English runs programmes to uplift the community around in any ways. The latest being the training offered to Anaganawadi Teachers in association with Manjeri Municipality and the Pronunciation Master Class for primary Teachers. Our poetry promotion forum, UniVerse, organises periodic events to attract and celebrate poetry. Writing Workshops we organise target the improvement of writing skills at different levels. ‘How to write & publish a research paper’ was the latest workshop run in the series. Literary Camps, Quizzes, Table talks too are periodic happenings in the Department.