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Unity Womens College Department of English

ICT Integration

The Dept. has effectively integrated the best that technology has to offer in making learning / teaching processes an enjoyable process in the college. The Dept is Wi-Fi enabled and the all the members have their personal computers. The Dept puts its smart classrooms and LCD projectors to good use by integrating PPTs, Movies and Internet enabled sources to enthuse and inspire the learners. The Dept. Blog, student blogs, teachers’ blogs and E-Journal are an extension of the same approach.

Department Blog –

The Dept maintains a blog which serves a number of causes. Primarily the dept. blog, is a space which the 10 members of the faculty use to express themselves, whether on curricular or non-curricular issues. Teachers contribute something, a comment, book review, author introductions, movie review or just stray thoughts. The contributions come on rotation basis, thus making one contributor upload three times a month. This ensures a fresh post each day of the month. The blog also has window for UGC- NET sample questions. Moreover, quotes and interesting, noteworthy articles and stories are shared. It also serves as space where academic attention is directed to significant web activities. Tracings, an e-journal fully devoted for promoting the research minded writings of the postgraduate students, being set up with assistance from UGC, is yet another ICT platform of the Department.

Student blogs:

All the three UG sections have their own class blogs. These blogs are used by the teachers as props to support the creative and educational efforts of the students. The writings by the students are regularly posted on these blogs and this in turn makes them work more seriously and systematically. From each class a student is put in charge of coordinating the blog. There has been a significant spurt in the efforts of the students since the blogs came up.

UG Blogs

PG Blog

Teacher blogs:

The gradually rising number of the teacher blogs too indicates the heightened web presence of the Department activities. These blogs directly and laterally add to the academic growth and reach of the faculty. The mileage it delivers to the students by extension, in terms of the information sharing and knowledge reach, is quite significant.