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Unity Womens College Department of English

Power is a constructed myth of authority which controls and channelizes the operations across the universe. Though power is equated with autocracy, its panoptic exercise is legitimized at the expense of its capacity to rule out anarchy. A strategic situation and a desire with terror or concealed intentions, power pierces the layers of social and individual anatomy horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and along circular paths. With multiple dimensions and relations it holds, power imposes restriction, later deflates it, and eventually invites counter action. This paradox, with the coercion of signifiers-ful or –less, is, sociologically, nothing but a comparative stance in the hierarchical thread of human existence. Singularities, the transdisciplinary biannual research journal undertakes an academic endeavor to travel around these singularities beneath the skin of power, by organizing Singularities International Conference on Power 2016. The Postgraduate Department of English at KAHM Unity Women’s College has successfully driven the academic community of the region to novel perceptions and genuine realities. Through organizing this international conference on power we aim to bring together leading academic figures, scholars, researchers  belonging to various disciplines across the world by providing a trans-disciplinary forum of discussion, to exchange unique theories, perceptions, intuitions and analytics. For details please visit: