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Unity Womens College Department of English

3 Day Research Writing Workshop: How to Write and Publish a Research Paper The first part of the Three day workshop on ‘How to Write and Publish a Research Paper’ was organised on 19th and 20th of September with an attempt to provide instruction to the young scholars about the mechanics of writing a research paper. Teachers, MA students, Post MA students and Research Scholars from various fields of literature turned up from different universities and colleges in and around Kerala. The program started with an introductory note delivered by Dr P.K Babu, Associate Professor in English, KAHM Unity Women’s College. Dr K Kunhammed, Assistant Professor from Kannur University, interested the scholars in their writing skills with the application of many methods, which included ten steps of creative process in preparing an abstract. He fused the creative inputs from Edward de Bono and Helen Gardner in Designing a culture of creative engagement. The focus of the training included, How to find a topic, structure a paragraph, build a topic sentence, lengthen a paragraph, develop ideas, how to conclude etc. The program was very interactive with hands on experience, activities and discussions involving different groups of similar interests. The first day ended with a rough abstract at hand which was supposed to be rewritten for the next day. On the second day, the abstracts were reviewed and commented upon. Writing Templates were introduced, along with a lot of illustrations and tips to use them accordingly. Finally the most awaited one to one interaction with the research person regarding their research topics was held as a concluding session of the 2 day workshop. Dr P.K. Babu and Dr K. K. Kunhammed took their turns to put forward their experiences to create an ambience of creative writing. The activities helped the scholars to chisel, polish and refine the research material into perfection. The two day workshop program ended with the declaration of a timeline for the submission of the drafts of research paper. The peer reviewed final papers would be considered for publishing in ‘Singularities’ a Transdisciplinary Biannual Research Journal (ISSN 2348-3369), of the English department of KAHM Unity Women’s College. The concluding part of this workshop was held on 22nd of November 2014