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Unity Womens College Department of English

Career Guidance Centre and the Postgraduate department of English of Unity Women’s College, Manjeri, Jointly organized a regional seminar on ‘Career Paths’ for the sixth B A English main students of the colleges under the University of Calicut. The seminar was conceived to provide the final semesters under the B A English stream definite clues about the whole suite of careers paths available once they finish their Degrees. The seminar sought to correct the trend of  language and literature students flocking to teaching careers, owing to dearth of information as to the avenues open to them in such diverse areas like business, research, publishing, Human resources management or even in social media. The seminar was attended by 140 students from various colleges, showing lots of interest on the roads not regularly taken by the English majors. Careers Paths for English Majors  was a seminar with six sessions handled by the faculty of the English department of unity women’s college, Manjeri. The sessions were anchored in the opening presentation by Dr. P. K. Babu, the Head of English, who assessed ‘How skilled are the English majors’. This opening interaction woke the audience up to the wide skill set possessed by a graduate with a degree in English language and literature. Dr. Babu drove home the reality that a B A programme in English offers career options which even a computer science programme can not in terms of the broad skill base it helps build. N. Mammad, Associate professor in English elaborated on the burgeoning career possibilities in Media- print, visual or social. He urged the students to exploit the media-crazy world of the present by channelizing their creative bends media-wards. The following sessions by Aswathi. K. P and Sameera Haneef, Assistant Professors of the department zeroed in on ‘careers in Translation and Advertisement Fields’. Various career choices like that of the interpreter, copy writer, photo editor were introduced to the audience through the session. They also input the need to take up translation as a freelance entrepreneurial activity by the students. The final two sessions were devoted to ‘Careers in Education,  Management and e-writing’. Shahina Mol. A. K and Poornima. R, Assistant professors in English delivered the student audience lots of novel ideas on the multiple career options they could hit upon once they get their Degrees. The fast growing fields of content writing and the entrepreneurial ventures in digital learning aroused lot of interest among the participants. The one –day regional seminar concluded with the hope that a more diverse spread of the talent of B A English graduates among plural careers could be expected from the participants when they complete their programme.