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Unity Womens College Department of English

Two Day Regional Seminar on ‘Postmillennial Literatures organised by the postgraduate department of English, Unity Women’s College, Manjeri, opened at with a Keynote by Dr. K. Arun Lal, Assistant Professor of English at Government College, Mokeri. The two day seminar is organised to take stock of the developments which have come to dominate since year 2000 and to familiarise the teachers and the postgraduate students with the most recent  lines of thought in the field of literary studies. Dr. Arun Lal started off problematising the originally theological concept f millennium and moved on to comment on the concepts which have survived the millennial frenzy, like Market, State, Citizen and Space. Zeroing in on the theme of PostmillennialFiction, Dr. Arun stated that the job of fiction of the period was countering the theme of death which the fashionable theorists like Barthes, Foucault and Derrida were obsessed with. Dr. Priya K. Nair , Assistant Professor of English at St. Theresa’s College, Eranakulam, spoke on the latest tangents of thought and movements in feminism in her presentation on Postmillennial Feminisms’. On the second day, Dr. k. k. Kunhammed of Kannur University summed up the field of literary theory while Sreejith  Ramanan of School of Drama illustrated how the genre of drama is rediscovering itself thorough innovations of various kinds. In the final plenary Mr. Mammad, Associate  professor of English at Govt. College, Chittoor, weighed the developments in Malayalam Films. Papers were presented by research scholars and teachers from various institutions on the theme of the. Seminar.