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Unity Womens College Department of English

Session 4″ Women Rights Culture” was chaired  by Dr K.K. Raheena , Assistant professor & Dept of English, PKTM Govt College, Perinthalmanna, followed by the keynote adress by Dr Asha , Asst.Professor, School of Comparative Literature, Central University  of Kerala and  Papers were presented on the topic Women Rights and Culture by Dr P.K.Babu Associate Professor ,Postgraduate Dept of English,KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri, N.Mammed,Associate Professor Postgraduate Dept of English KAHM Unity Women’s College ,Manjeri ,A. Krishna Sunder Asst.Professor, Postgraduate Dept of English KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri, M.P.Aswathi Asst.Professor Postgraduate Dept of English KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri and Babitha Bhaskaran  Research Scholar in English,Department of Studies in English , Kannur University. This seminar explored  how women are portrayed in  New Generation Malayalam movies and the concept of ” Humouring the Other”as the theme of humour at the expense of women’s dignity. This session ended with the vote of thanks by Dr Muhamed .U. Head of Chemistry KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri. Session 5 “Women at the Work Place ” was chaired  by T. Moideen, Associate Professor in History,Govt.Arts & Science College, Meenchanda , Calicut. Preetha.P. D.,Psychiatric Social Worker ,Govt. Medical College,Calicut . Papers  on this topic was presented by Mrs  Abidha Beegam  V.S.,Asst.Professor,Dept of Legal Studies ,Aligarh  Muslim  University,Malappuram Center and Dr.V.P.Abdul Naser,Associate Professor in Commerce ,KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri. The discussion  mainly focused on the prevailing conditions of women at work place.The session  concluded  with the vote of thanks by T.K.Faisal, Asst. Professor in Commerce KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri. Session 6 “Marriage,Pregnancy and Health” was chaired  by T.T.Abdul Razak,Asst. Professor in department of  Commerce KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri. Dr A.K.Jayashree,Associate Professor and Head of Community Medicine,Academy of Medical Sciences,Pariyaram,Kannur,Kerala. Dilshad Valassery, Research Scholar,Center for Women Studies,University of Calicut,Dr Annie Ninan,  Asst .Professor in Family & Community Science ,KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri and Dr.Sini John,Asst.Professor in Law, Aligarh Muslim University Malappuram Center presented papers on the topic which tried to put forth the educational crisis faced by the pregnant students. Anitha Beegam Head of Family & Community Science, KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri delivered vote of thanks. Session 7 “Woman’s  Rights and Family” was chaired by Balakrishnan.P,Head of English, NSS College, Manjeri. Keynote  address  was delivered  by Dr.Shamshad Hussain.K.T,Reader in Malayalam,Sree Sankara University ,Tirur Center. Papers  were presented  by Najmathu Lail.P.Asst. Professor in Law,Aligarh Muslim University Malappuram Center Perinthalmanna, Pavamani  Mary  Gladys, Research Scholar,Center for Women’s Studies, University of Calicut and Layana  Aanand,Asst Professor,Center for Women’s Studies,University of calicut.The seminar questioned the increasing attacks and domestic violence against women.Dr Radha Associate Professor, Dept of Malayalam.KAHM  Unity Women’s College Manjeri conveyed the vote of thanks. Dr. Amina Wadud delivered the Keynote address of the Valedictory session of the three day UGC National Seminar on ‘Human Rights for Women’ at Unity Women’s College, Manjeri. Dr Amina Wadud , Professor Emeritus of Islamic Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University, , USA started off by commenting on the Euro-centric perceptions of Human Rights which tried to homogenise the concept of rights, ignoring the local polyphonic variations evident locally.  According to Islamic theology, Wadud argued, Man is the agent of God. When the said singularity of agency is violated on man-made hierarchies, human rights are violated. She has been trying to counter the rising feel that one has to choose between Islam and Human rights. For her, a common ground where Islam meets Human Rights exists. Adv. P. Kulsu, Chairperson, Kerala State Women Development Corporation, inaugurated the valedictory session of the seminar. She came down heavily on the culture of victimising women. She stated that it is deplorable that the anti-women culture is yet to end. Dr. C. Saidalavi, Principal, Adv. U. A. Latheef, general secretary and O. Abdul Ali, Manager, spoke. Dr. P. K. Babu, Head of English and coordinator of the seminar delivered vote of thanks.